New Consumers Guide to Purchasing a Smartphone in the U.S.

As a Media Analyst in the Technology sector, there comes a time where I must give my straightforward and downright opinion on what cellular devices are currently worth your hard earned government dollars at the present time. All too often we get swooped into thinking the newest is the greatest, as we are weaned off of the archaic, flip devices and push full steam ahead into the realm of full touch screen, internet browsing, 4G and LTE boasting smartphones.So you have no carrier, and subsequently no phone? You’re in luck. Here’s a look at the top three devices currently on the market, in my opinion, that are able to be purchased on our good ol’ United States.

3. T-Mobile’s MyTouch 4G

It’s not about the high resolution 3.8″ display, or the 1Ghz proccessor; it’s not even about the amazing build quality of the device. Where the MT4G really excels is the continuity and usability of it’s modified HTC Sense User Interface. The sheer beauty of the high definition themes, the drop shadow surrounding icons, and the snappy navigation provide the consumer with plenty to look at, an experience that is much easier on the eyes when looking for specific application icons, and the lack of hiccups which would in another case be preventative to those trying to enjoy a magnificently crafted device. With nothing to impede your experience, this device serves you a large bowl of enjoyment. Not to mention the ability to connect to T-Mobile’s 4G network (coverage pending), which provides great speed at a reasonable data cost, is a great addition to an already exceptional device.

2. The AT&T Inspire 4G

The AT&T Inspire 4G is in fact a United States branded version of the popular device from Germany, that goes by the name ” HTC Desire HD”. The devices voyage to America comes fully equipped with 4G internet access, a 4.3″ inch Super Liquid Crystal Display, a  1GHz Snapdragon processor, an 8 megapixel camera with 720p video recording ability, and Android 2.2 from Google, topped off nicely with the HTC Sense User Interface with HTC Hub, which allows you to download skins and personalize your phone down to a t. In my personal time with this device, including the German version, I have been nothing short of in awe. The sheer speed, multi-tasking ability, and sturdy build quality have blown me away. If you’re looking for a large screen device, but lack the inspiration to research one, believe me – the Inspire 4G is something that will turn your curiosity into appreciation.

1. The HTC Droid Incredible 2 on the Verizon Network

To say that this phone isn’t a perfect starter device would be something along the lines of blasphemy. It has a front 1.3 megapixel camera, perfect for video chatting, a rear 8.0 megapixel camera with dual LED flash that also records in 720p, a comfortable heft combined with a 4inch display that brings bright, vivid colors to the forefront. Essentially a re-branded Incredible S , this device maintains the high level of popularity that it’s older twin has garnered overseas, and also holds true to the foundation of the wildly popular Droid Incredible released in 2010.

No matter what phone you decide, the cellular device industry has changed beyond our imagination within the past ten years. These three devices are building off of a very similar business model: make the user happy, and more users will follow. [Please note that these are my opinions, and while the devices were researched and tested, these are not the opinions of the publication providing this article.]

Chad O’Kelly [twitter: @CFOKmobile]

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