Netflix For Android Has Finally Arrived

Netflix is finally on Android….well sorta. The official Netflix blog has just announced that they have released their Android app into the Market. When I first read this it sounded great, but I knew that had to be a catch, at least because of all of the hardware compatibility rumors swarming around.

Sure enough, the official Netflix app is only available for the Nexus One, Nexus S, HTC Evo, HTC Incredible, and the HTC G2, and you can find this list here. This is fantastic news nevertheless, because at least we’re seeing hardware as old as the Nexus One (not to say it is obsolete by any means) being supported by the app. This should mean that most Qualcomm processors support the app, and hopefully more to come. Hopefully Netflix will  keep updating the list of supported devices, and PLEASE get it out to tablets as soon as possible. One thing that I would note is that Netflix specifies the version of Android that the devices need to be running. If your Evo 4G is running Gingerbread it should still be compatible, but we are still waiting on confirmation of that. Anyways, if your device is supported be sure to let us know on Twitter (@thedroidboy , @thedroidguy) or in the comments. You can read the official blog from Netflix here. Be sure to check for more updates!

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