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MusicTapp Launches For iPhone/Android App For Independent Music Artists

MusicTapp has recently been launched and is a platform geared towards the independent artists. More than 20 musicians and entertainers have already jumped aboard this newest way to expose their music and material.

This application is a new way for artists around the world to be able to reach an audience and start gaining recognition for the work. It is a free download for those that want to find new music to listen to. Users can download an artists’ MusicTapp application and start listening to their work, watch videos, view pictures, read the artists bio, and also the ability to follow them via social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

“MusicTapp specializes in app development for independent artists,” explains co-founder Vincent E. Norment. “But we also work with actors, athletes, models, comedians, nightclub owners, and others in the entertainment business. All of these people need to tap into the power of mobile applications,” he explains.

This new service allows entertainers the ability to create a custom application that is geared towards fans of many platforms including Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod. This application allows users to be able to view and access music, videos, photos, social media, bios, and tour schedules. After purchasing, MusicTapp will provide access to customers to be able to upload content for the application. Once the content is available MusicTapps’ app designers will then build the application and submit it for approval. Once all the editing and revisions have been made the application will be launched across various markets, such as the Android Market and Apple’s iTunes App Store. Along with that MusicTapp will also post an app profile page on their website Applications built by MusicTapp will be offered for free to help promote the artists’ music.

“One thing that sets MusicTapp apart from the competition is the promotional aspect,” says co-founder Antonio Wells.

“We’re reaching a huge market by offering MusicTapp at no charge to the end user – the consumer. Because of their new and large presence in the mobile music audience, the monies generated from consumers for the budding artist should far exceed the initial cost of the application,” says Norment.

MusicTapp offers competitive pricing for its application building and maintenance services. Customers will pay a one-time set-up fee and a monthly content hosting fee required for all MusicTapp applications. These prices are:

  • Android: $399.99/setup
  • iPhone: $399.99/setup
  • Android & iPhone: $679.98/setup

Customers can purchase 6- or 12-month packages in advance to help save money in the long run.

  • Monthly: $19.99
  • First 6 months: $79.96 (Save $39.98)
  • First 12 months: $139.93 (Save $99.95)

If you would like to learn more about this new way to start promoting yourself and your work or to get started you can visit MusicTapp’s website at

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