More privacy issues arise, X Factor contestants database leaked

The famous UK show X Factor and soon to be Fox US show has had a major MAJOR privacy breach. Earlier today I was hinted towards a link on ycombinator that I might be interested in. Knowing that privacy is starting to be a major concern thanks to Apple tracking your phone without you knowing, or the recent Sony break in, I had to take a look. What I can tell you without posting links to information in which is and/or can be illegal is that indeed the 2011 contestants information with who is trying out along with all their contact information has been leaked.

The file its self contains all the contestants information such as: Name, Phone number, Date of Birth, email address, location, gender, Zip. The group behind the leak calls them selves LulzSec and even contacted Fox and X Factor about it. As we can tell, so far neither Fox nor X Factor have reached back towards them regarding this.

Skimming over this, something like this could poise a serious risk as there are ALOT of minors information on here. All the way as young as 13 years old from what I’ve found.

I have reached out to both the group who posted/did the leak as well as Fox and will report back I get a reply.

I will not post link, information as to were you may even get the leak, as we do not condone Hacking, just spreading message about more privacy issues with “Major Companies”

Source: @lulzsec

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