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More Details On The Droid 3

Nevermind that the Droid X2 won’t even be out til the end of the week, the rumors about the Droid 3 are heating up big time.  Although there have been numerous photo leaks of the incoming Droid 3 there hasn’t been much more coverage on the follow up to the original Droid, and the Droid 2.

More after the break is reporting the following specs from a tipster that is often correct when leaking to

-4 inch qHD screen
– dual core (most likely OMAP 4, Texas Instruments Processor at 1ghz)
– 5 row slide out keyboard
– 8mp rear facing camera
– Front facing camera
– HDMI out

photo courtesy of: Technobuffalo v

What the device is lacking is support for 4G/LTE.  Verizon Wireless came out with two guns a blazing when they lit up the new 4G/LTE network. There is no doubt about it that 4G/LTE is extremely fast however the Droid 3 (like the Droid X2) won’t support 4G/LTE.


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