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MIUI Creators Host a Global Theme Competition With a Star Judge

The very popular, Android enhancing MIUI ROM that has swept the community by storm is now showing it’s appreciation to the supporters. One of the most attractive features of this ROM happens to stem from it’s UI – the theme system is an absolute pleasure to behold. Creative content makers around the globe have placed many hours into these creations and have transformed the look of MIUI in so many ways, it’s almost impossible to keep one theme for too long without switching to another.

Now, in a motion that shows community interaction, MIUI is having the first Global Theme Competition of it’s kind; and with help from Internet Investor Mr. Lei Jun, judges will choose the theme they deem the best, most detailed rendition, and distribute prizes accordingly. As of today, prizes range from a first prize Ipad2 to a second place Nexus S. An excerpt from the site reads:

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    The First Global MIUI Theme Design Competition is on-going now! You have a chance to get your theme used by hundreds of thousands of worldwide MIUI fans speaking 23 different languages. Please submit your mini-theme including 20 commonly-used icons, a lockscreen interface and a piece of desktop wallpaper right now! It’s time to show your unique understanding of the mobile Internet!

    The well-known Internet investor Mr. Lei Jun is one of the judges of the competition. Great works will be displayed at www. and www.!

    The award-winning works will be embedded in MIUI system, available for global users to download. And the authors shall have the right to claim authorship.

    Competition Content
    20 commonly-used icons of MIUI system+ lockscreen interface + desktop wallpaper

    Activity Time
    Submission time: April 19, 2011 – May 27, 2011
    Judging time: May 28, 2011 – May 30, 2011
    Results announcement: May 31, 2011

The contest requirements, Via the contest site, are as follows:

  • 1. Works submitted must be the original works of the author, having not been used commercially or in other similar contests or activities.
    2. The competing works shall be designed based on the dedicated templates. Download dedicated templates for Global MIUI Theme Design Competition.
    3. The contents of the competition include 20 specified icons, a lockscreen interface and a piece of desktop wallpaper.
    4. The design style is open without limit. However, a sense of integrity is required. Please check the template document to see specific sizes.
    5. The software used for design is also open without limit. The author needs to retain the source files for each icon, the background image that can be used in MIUI system and the lockscreen area. After the competition, winners need to provide the host with the source files and copyright license.
    6. If the competing works is designed by more than one designer, it would be required to get the permission of all designers and indicate the names of all designers.
    7. The works contents must be in conformity with provisions of law and regulations.
    8. The same user name can upload different competing works. The results will be selected by user name.

If you’re in the running, or would like to be, visit the MIUI Global Theme Competition web site. Let us know how you do!

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