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Microsoft Phones Sales Don’t Look To Good In 1st Quarter

The latest report on mobile sales from Gartner does not look pretty for Microsoft. According to the report the company only sold 1.6 million phones during the 1st quarter of this year.

However, Android on the other hand, at least according to Google, is activating 400,000 devices a day. In other words in four days Google is activating as many phones as Microsoft has during the first quarter.

The smartphone market has grown to 85% with over 100 million smartphones being sold. Smartphones are easily out doing the whole entire mobile market which in its self has grown 19% to 427.8 units.

A year ago Android was not in the same position compared to this year. Android’s share of the market have easily leaped  from around 10% last year to over 35% this year. This major growth has came from Symbian that fell over 16.8%, and also from the help of RIM who lost 6.8% market share.

However, Apple was pretty strong with selling almost 17 million units worldwide, which more than doubled their sales of iPhones. This large growth came from basically every possible place due to the iPhone being available in 90 countries.

“This strong performance helped Apple consolidate its position as the fourth largest brand in the mobile communication market overall,” said Carolina Milanesi, research vice president at Gartner. “Considering the higher than average price of the iPhone this is a remarkable result and highlights the impact that a strong aspirational brand can have on a product.”

The report, however, did suggest that it helps that Microsoft is currently tied with Nokia. Windows phones only saw a small increase in sells that only reached a little over one in a half million units during the first quarter. According to the report Nokia’s support will help increase Windows phone’s growth.

Windows Phone saw only modest sales that reached 1.6 million units in the first quarter of 2011, as devices launched at the end of 2010 failed to grow in consumer preference and CSPs continued to focus on Android. In the long term, Nokia’s support will accelerate Windows Phone’s momentum.

Gartner analysts said that the shift toward an ecosystem focus, application and services is the critical success factor for device manufacturers. “Every time a user downloads a native app to their smartphone or puts their data into a platform’s cloud service, they are committing to a particular ecosystem and reducing the chances of switching to a new platform. This is a clear advantage for the current stronger ecosystem owners Apple and Google,” said Ms. Cozza. “As well as putting their devices in the context of a broader ecosystem, manufacturers must start to see their smartphones as part of a computing continuum.”



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