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MHL Consortium And The Droid Guy Are Giving Away A Samsung Infuse 4G And A Samsung Galaxy S II (Before You Can Buy It)

From now until June 6th the MHL Consortium has teamed up with Thedroidguy for a really fun, and educational contest to teach Android fans across the world about MHL technology.

What is the MHL Consortium? The MHL Consortium consists of Nokia, Samsung, Silicon Image, Sony and Toshiba and established a standard for a wired audio/video digital interface, optimized for mobile devices.  MHL technology enables the delivery of high quality audio and HD video, while also keeping the mobile device charged and ready for use.  It uses thin and portable cables and the TV remote control can control the connected device.  No additional connectors are required as MHL technology utilizes the most common connectors found on HDTVs and portable devices.

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While more and more Android devices are coming out with HDMI connectors you may be wondering why there is a need for MHL.  What MHL does is provides a standard for audio/video throughput to an HDTV while simultaneously allowing the portable device to charge.  MHL technology occurs through a new standard 5 pin connector which permits device charging via the HDTV, continuous power to the device and remote control access of the content on the device via the TV’s remote control.

MHL provides a convenience features not found in standard HDMI. For instance, most HDMI cables come in 3 and 6 foot configurations, while supplying content to TV’s that are 36″-52″. Typically you are sitting 15-25 feet from the source with the phone plugged into the tv. With MHL’s ability to charge your device, keep it “always on” and use the TV’s remote control to play, pause and fast forward, you can leave your phone next to the television and allow a more submersive experience.

But enough about what MHL does, we are going to find out more during the contest period.  On June 6, 2011 two random winners will be selected the first will receive a new Samsung Galaxy S II before you can buy it in the United States and the second will receive the highly acclaimed Samsung Infuse 4G for AT&T

Here’s how to participate:

You must do two things to participate doing either one multiple times will improve your chance of winning.  First you must tweet the official contest tweet:

” Follow @thedroidguy & @mhlconsortium to learn about #MHL & try to win a Samsung Galaxy S II #TDGMHL”

Everyday we are going to tweet multiple informative tweets about MHL Technology with the hash tag  #TDGMHL  simply retweet these tweets as much as you’d like. The more tweets you have with the hashtag #TDGMHL the more times you’re entered.

You must retweet the #TDGMHL Tweet in its entirety.

There is no daily requirement on either tweet however the more you tweet the more chances you have you must have at least tweeted each tweet once during the contest period.

But wait there’s more…

If you are a developer read the tweets about MHL and take a look at the MHL Consortium website here. If you think you have an idea you’d like to develop using the MHL protocol than add #DEVTDGMHL  to your MHL retweets or tweet your own tweet about what you can do with #MHL and if you are the randomly selected winner you will also receive a flat panel TV to use your new MHL phone to develop with.

While we are running this contest if you have questions for Tim Wong and the MHL Team simply tweet your question and we will get it answered for you. Add the hashtag #TDGMHL to that tweet and it’s another entry.  It’s that simple.

Oh and of course you need to be following @thedroidguy and @mhlconsortium to participate.

Are you headed to the Android Homecoming? Make sure you spend some time with the MHL team learning about this exciting new protocol

Good Luck!

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