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Mangler for Android brings Ventrilo-Esque Functionality to Your Device

Many of our gamers in the world, be it professional, hardcore, or casual, are very familiar with applications such as Teamspeak, Ventrilo, and Mangler, which provide voice over IP communication within channels, so that these gamers can strategize and trash-talk without being heard by the world.

Well wouldn’t it be nice, if one day, you can ditch the headset and have a channel chat on your Droid X? The team at Mangler have made this possible, complete with positional audio and private channels.

The application is in the Android Market, currently at version 1.0.1. The most recent list of compatible phones states that all HTC devices and Motorola devices can send and receive data with no issue, but the Galaxy S devices are having a bit of trouble in all departments (this is subject to user experience, mind you).

The site lists features, with some of those spreading icing on the cake:

  • View users in your channel in a separate tab
  • Phantom Support
  • Global chat
  • Push-to-Talk
    • On-screen button
    • Configurable hardware button
    • On-Screen PTT button can be set as a toggle button in preferences
    • PTT can be configured to vibrate when activated

Those features, along with a plethora of others, are sure to give gamers with Android devices a great, Ventrilo like experience on any of the compatible devices.

For more information, visit the Mangler for Android site here:

Chad O’Kelly [Twitter: @CFOKmobile]

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