LG Revolution Already Showing Up At Big Red Stores

The upcoming LG Revolution is big news in the Android community at the moment. It will be the first device to feature Netflix along with having a whole bunch of other goodies available. It is due to hit Verizon this upcoming Thursday, May 26th. Make sure to mark that day on your calendars and be there early because I am sure these bad boys are going to fly off the shelves fast.

Luckily, we were able to acquire some pictures of this upcoming demo device that is showing up in Verizon stores, but before we get to the goodies let’s run through the specs one more time.

The Revolution will be the first device to feature Netflix, along with running Android 2.2, and having 16GB of internal memory. Along with all those goodies we will see a 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 4.3 inch LCD display, and dual cameras 5mp in rear with a 1.3mp front facing camera. Overall, this is going to be one nice device.

Now for the goodies! Below are two images of the upcoming device take a look and enjoy!

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  1.  @eb77659c958eef74ef5927bdc969769a:disqus because Gingerbread isn’t finalized.  At least with Froyo users can do everything they need to do except video chat thru gtalk. plus since upgrading to 2.3 ain’t so hard…they want to make money NOW instead of waiting til the last minute and possibly losing out on net handset activations.

  2.  whats the point of bringing this phone out with an old version of Android…thats dumb

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