Lg Optimus Black Now Available For Preorder On T-Mobile UK Website For Free


LG’s hopeful answer to the Samsung Galaxy S II, the LG Optimus Black is currently up for Preorder.  The LG Optimus Black boasts a 4″ NOVA screen which seems to have been designed to compete with Samsung’s superAMOLED and superAMOLED Plus displays.

This summer is building up to be the summer of LG.  Currently the LG G2X (Optimus 2X) is available on T-Mobile USA.  The LG Optimus 3D is set to debut on AT&T as the LG Thrill. Verizon is expecting the Netflix touting LG Revolution and the LG Optimus Black is expected to arrive in the states during the summer months.

UK LG fans can pre-order the LG Optimus Black right now for the low price of free with a qualifying contract plan.  According to eurodroid.com you can preorder the device for 25.54 British Pounds per month which includes 300 anytime minutes and free web browsing, there is an additional stipend for streming.

So are you picking up an LG Optimus Black or a Samsung Galaxy S II?

Source: Eurodroid https://www.eurodroid.com/2011/05/lg-optimus-black-now-on-sale-via-t-mobile/