LG Get’s Guinness Certification For First Dual Core Phone

The LG G2x was released on T-Mobile two weeks ago.  The phone, originally called the Optimus 2X, was actually announced back on December 16, 2010 ahead of the CES show in Las Vegas. The LG Optimus 2X was the first dual core smartphone launched in the world.

LG submitted the Optimus 2X to the Guinness Book of World’s Records and they have now received the certificate from Guinness to commemorate that achievement. Now that it’s 5 months later there are quite a few dual core devices out there and even more to come. As our friends at pocketnow.com contend, dual core is in the process of becoming the rule and the norm, but you have to have a first.

Source: Pocketnow.com

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  1. This phone is fast. You ned to go in to a T-Mobile and get one. Runs on the largest 4G network in the U.S.

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