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LevelUp Studios just ended the Twitter game on Honeycomb tablets(update inside)

Its over… Thats what Level Up Studios has told all the other companies who build Twitter clients including Twitter its self with its newest version of Plume Beta. Built directly to use Honeycomb tablets larger screen you’ll notice a Tweetdeck like feel but a Plume like delivery. Released just this morning their Beta version includes new updates besides just that of adding the the ability for the larger screens. As well as a 4×4 widget for your desktop. The ability to connect Facebook on here would be nice but isn’t something that kills this compared to Tweetdeck as I believe this still reigns king.

Their change log:

– better use of HoneyComb UI features, interface optimized for tablets on Android 3.0
– replace plixi URLs with lockerz ones
– remove outdated support for Plixi/Lockerz/TweetPhoto listing
– add an option to hide avatars from the timeline to save space
– add a “dark” theme alongside the “light” theme
– add the possibility to (re)store searches (HoneyComb only yet)
– So much bugfixes and new FC probably added

I can tell you this though, by far and away this is the BEST Twitter client for any devices running Honeycomb thats a tablet. Make sure to hit the link below to download it your self and tell us what you think.

Update: After running this all day I can firmly say that until another Twitter application for the Honeycomb tablet comes this’ll be where you are seeing all my Tweets from. While most if not all the other companies are coming out with Honeycomb one’s so far LevelUp Studios is the only one to at lest release one in beta. Its beautiful. Some issues I’m having though is TwitPic wont post and has forced me to use YFrog.  As you can see instead of having a menu button on bottom its all at the top freely available for you at any time such as “Refresh”, “New Tweet” and Search. There still is a menu button for things such as logging out and going into settings though. My only knock on this so far is 4×4 is a widget for a phone not a tablet. When can I see one thats about 6×6 or even 8×8 which’ll be nice.

LevelUp Studios has thrown the first punch. Seesmic, TweetDeck where is your response? You know where to find me if you think your application can hang or even beat Plumes.

Source: @levelupstudio Beta Link

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