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Leaked 2011 T-Mobile Road Map

T-Mobile’s leaked road map holds many goodies for this year and it all starts next month. Thanks to our good friends over at TmoNews we have the inside on what is coming to T-Mobile starting next month. Hopefully we will see some dual core goodness in one of these devices, but only time will tell. Take a look at what is in store after the break. Enjoy!!!!!

June Device Launches

  • HTC Sensation-June 8th
  • Samsung Exhibit-June 8th
  • Samsung Gravity Touch 2-June 8th
  • Huawei E587-T-Mobile’s first 42Mbps HSPA+ mobile hotspot
  • Samsung T499 “Tass”- June 15th
  • Samsung T379 “Triumph”-June 29th

July Device Launches

  • myTouch 4G Slide-July 6th
  • HTC Marvel- A mid-range device with a 3.2″ display and an 800MHz processor.
  • Blackberry “Monza”-July 29th Full touchscreen Blackberry with HSPA+ radio of 14.4Mbps, 3.7″ 480 x 800 display, 1.2GHz single-core Snapdragon processor, 5 megapixel camera with 720p video capture and Blackberry 7

August Device Launches

  • Bold 9900 Touch-August 17th
  • The “Apollo”-August 31st
  • Huawei S7- August, Android WiFi  powered tablet and will feature an HSPA+ radio

September Device Launches

  • Samsung Hercules-September 26th
  • LG “Flip II”-September 14th
  • Nokia Nuron 4G-September 21st

November Device Launches

  • LG Maxx and Maxx Q-  November 2nd

Unknown Launch Dates

  • Huawei U2805- Comet Replacement???
  • Samsung “Jamong”-Simple flip with a 1.3 megapixel camera and 3G
  • Samsung “Dumont
  • LG “Gelato”
  • HTC “Bresson” and “G-Infinity”

With almost two dozen devices due for release this year from T-Mobile choices will be hard. As soon as we have more information regarding some of these devices we will be sure to keep you updated.



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