iPhone4S and iPhone5 No 4G LTE

If you are looking to get one of the new iPhones you may want to hold off. Rumor has it that once again the devices will not have the 4G LTE Technology once again. This technology has been stumping Apple who has yet to get the capability on their devices.

According to DigiTimes, the trouble happens to be with Qualcomm, who is the maker for the chipsets in the iPhones, has yet to yield the amount of chips needed for the next iPhone. Apple is saying that instead of waiting and delaying the device the will instead release an update for the iPhone 4S.

All this information is backing up what has been believed from the start, mainly that the device that we will be seeing in September will be called something close to iPhone 4S and will not be much different than the iPhone 4.

The newest addition to the iPhone line up is speculated to have an 8mp rear facing camera, edge to edge screen, and the possibility of HSPA+ support for GSm networks. The most recent iPhone is already capable of the HSPA technology and would, in turn, make data move faster, but of course not as fast as traditional 4G. This may change however, according to some marketing material that was acquired from AT&T suggests that the company is lowering their standards regarding what is selling as 4G on existing devices with the HSPA technology. There have been rumors flying regarding the next iPhone being named as 4G due to the capability of the HSPA technology, however, even if it is it still will not be as fast as the 4G devices we have seen show up on Verizon lately.

Apple has had quite a bit of trouble with going to 4G LTE with their iPhone 4 last year due to their standards not being met with Qualcomm chips. In the past the LTE chips were to big to fit the iPhone 4’s design so instead Apple went with the 3G cell phone radios instead.

This lack of a major update to Apple’s iPhones more than likely will be very upsetting to users and Apple won’t mind disappointing their customers this year. Over in China three of the major carriers are set to pick up the iPhone these include China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicorn. China Mobile however is expected to reach an agreement with Apple regarding the iPhone by September at the earliest.

“By the end of 2011, the number of 3G mobile subscribers in China is expected to top over 61.9 million, of which 26.99 million subscribers will use China Mobile’s TD-SCDMA networks, the sources noted.”-DigiTimes

While Apple is lacking in the 4G LTE capability of their iPhone’s Verizon Wireless, on the other hand, has released three 4G LTE devices. These include the upcoming LG Revolution and the already released Samsung Droid Charge and HTC Thunderbolt.



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  1. You need to stick to writing about you’re shitty Droids because you have no clue about the next iPhone. LTE or not it will still destroy any phone that android can put out. Look at verizon, the new (awesome) android Phones can’t out sell last years iPhone. Now that’s SAD!!!

  2. Again here’s Apple blaming everybody but themselves for not being able to keep up. It’s sad

  3.  I told ppl over and over again…looks like i was right. glad tdg backs up my hypothesis. 

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