HTC to Push OTA Updates to Incredible S and DesireHD Today

HTC has confirmed that they will be pushing a Firmware Over The Air update to the Incredible S and Desire HD.

Contrary to a few posts on tech sites, the update is actually the 2.3.3 version of Gingerbread, not 2.3.4 .

If you haven’t already flashed the Gingerbread Sense ROM through a leak, some of the new features and modifications included are:

  • An addition to the notification pulldown, with two tabs at the bottom, “Quick Settings” and “Notifications”. The quick settings is similar to the power control widget, only vertical instead of horizontal and not located on your home screen. The notifications tab houses the same experience as before.
  • Software Tweaks
  • The applications menu, or “All Apps” screen has changed. They are seperated by a narrow, barely noticeable gray line, in a 4×4 grid, with stiff, vertical page like scrolling as opposed to the free, swift scrolling.

Those, along with a few surprises and a host of other fixes, should fulfill your Ginger-Sense appetite. Look out for the OTA on your phones today!

Update: It’s been said the Vodafone users are receiving the update swiftly as opposed to other carriers.

– Chad O’Kelly [Twitter: @CFOKmobile]

[Source: HTC]

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