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HTC Flyer Gets Another Big #Win From Thedroidguy

I often go out on a limb sometimes because I personally end up liking the quirkier hardware. Take for instance the fact that while it’s not my most fun phone, or the newest phone I’ve got, my workhorse driver is still the Motorola Droid Pro from Verizon. The Motorola Droid Pro actually lives on my paid for personal account, on an unlimited data plan.  At this juncture it no longer takes pictures (from a fall) and actual calls are shotty (probably from the same fall). But boy I’ve penned a lot of TDG posts and tweets from the Blackberry style keyboard where I can text to feel.

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Now, although I use my Motorola Xoom Wi-Fi daily along with the limited edition Galaxy Tab 10.1 that I got at I/O, the HTC Flyer may be worthy of my hard earned money.  In the video below we highlight the first great thing about the HTC Flyer and that is, that it’s not Honeycomb. Although I love some of the things in Honeycomb, running Gingerbread actually gives it a ton more apps (Try over 200,000 to the current 80 “honeycomb” apps).

Tonight we figured out another huge win for the HTC Flyer and that is the micro-usb slot at the bottom for charging and sync is NOT proprietary I repeat it is not proprietary.  We got about 7 hours out of the Flyer today with hard use and lots of little pen mishaps.  When the power started draining we hooked it right up to an Amzer charger and wouldn’t you know it took the charge. WOW!

It’s the little things that amuse me but where I got stuck on the proprietary cord was back on Black Friday. I was using the 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab to manage my Black Friday experience and that’s where I found out hooking it to an Amzer charger didn’t yield the same great results. Needless to say after being on all day during Thanksgiving, by the time I got to 6:00am in some big box store line the Galaxy Tab decided it wanted some sleep.

With a 7″ pocketable form factor and the fact that you can charge this baby with any old usb socket, it may accompany me on my 2011 Black Friday excusion.

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