HTC Droid Incredible 2 [REVIEW & VIDEO REVIEW]

HTC and Verizon have finally released the follow-up to their wildly successful Droid Incredible, and after a couple of weeks with the device we’re here to break down how it will stack up against its predecessor, and the rest of the Android phones on Verizon. Scroll to the bottom for the video review.


The Droid Incredible 2 is basically just a black slab. All of the different red tints that were on the Droid Incredible 1 are now gone, and replaced with black. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just a change of pace. However, the phone’s main hardware “specialty” remains; just like the original DInc, the plateau back of the phone is still there and I am very thankful. This is definitely a sexy device, and more so, I think than the first Incredible. The all black device is boasting a 4-inch SLCD screen that is quite nice–4 inches just seems to be the perfect size. I am glad to see HTC going with the 4-inch screen over the predecessor’s 3.7 inch screen, but it does add just a little bulk to the device. The Droid Incredible 2 is about 0.5 inches thin (which is not Galaxy S II thin, but still very thin) and weighs in at 4.8 ounces. Of course with the bigger screen this phone will be a little wider and heavier than the original, but that is definitely something we are willing to give in order to get the 4-inch glory. One of the more notable hardware features is that the touch buttons at the bottom of the screen rotate when the phone is turned to landscape, and disappear completely when the screen is turned off. This makes the phone look even more like a black slab when the screen is off, and the rotating buttons are an awesome idea that I hope HTC and other OEMs continue to use.  Being made by HTC, the Droid Incredible 2 has a very sturdy build. The entire back of the phone is coated in that wonderful soft-touch material, and even with its thin and lightweight design, you won’t find the device just slipping right out of your hands. If you were to drop the phone though, it feels like it could sustain most short distance, accidental drops. Having dropped the phone 2-3 times, I have yet to find a scratch or bump anywhere on the device. The lock button is up on the top right of the device, and the left side of the device sports the volume rocker and the USB port. The right side of the device is completely flat, as well as the bottom which only has a small area to pop off the battery cover (which is just as difficult to do as is with the Thunderbolt).


The Droid Incredible 2 is running Android 2.2 with HTC Sense 2.0(.1?) on a 1GHz  second-gen Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. With this combination, the device speeds through just about anything you would try to put it through, thanks to the 768mb of RAM on board. HTC Sense is…well…HTC Sense, and the Incredible 2 is running Sense 2.0. The reason I have decided this may be (but is probably not) Sense 2.0.1, which there is most likely no such thing, is because in the bottom left corner of the screen, the icon for the app drawer is similar to the icon from stock 2.2 instead of the little up-arrow like that of the Thunderbolt. Of course we all know Sense with 2.2, it’s been on HTC phones for quite a while, and so the real question is “when will the Incredible 2 get Gingerbread?”. Well, with test builds for the Thunderbolt leaking out, I would say hopefully the Incredible 2 isn’t too far behind. With Sense 2.0 we get some really awesome features and customization. One of my favorite additions to Sense in 2.0 is the option to change skins, or the color of the notification bar and lock screen. HTC has added the ability to change this between 4 different options stock on the Incredible 2 and there are plenty of other themes to download without having root. Also on board with Sense 2.0 on the Incredible 2 is the ability to filter your app drawer. You can filter your apps between All Apps, Frequent, Downloaded, and Verizon Wireless, which is awesome if you want to get rid of all that bloatware, and there is plenty of it. I haven’t had any of the 3G connectivity or GPS issues with the Incredible 2 that were reported with the Thunderbolt and that is very good, considering this is a 3G only device. There have been some complaints about why this phone wasn’t 4G, and honestly I don’t feel that way. If you want a 4G device go with the Charge or Thunderbolt, but if not the Incredible 2 is the way to go. Not to mention the Incredible 2 is a world phone, so for those who travel being a world phone may seal the deal with the DInc 2. Android 2.2 is Android 2.2, and Sense is Sense, and that is what we have here on the Droid Incredible 2.


The Droid Incredible 2 features the same 8-megapixel dual LED flash camera that the Thunderbolt has, and we are thankful. The Droid Incredible 2 shoots very good pictures, and whenever a picture needs to be taken it is usually the device I pull out to get the job done. 8-megapixels gets a very clear picture, and HTC’s camera software is as spectacular as ever, giving many effects and options to choose from. The Droid Incredible 2 can shoot video in full 720p HD, and it has very high quality videos and photos overall. The device also packs a 1.3-megapixel front facing camera, which is good for those needing to video chat or don’t need a very high quality self portrait. The front facing camera is up in the very right corner of the device, which to me is kind of weird placement, but no issues have come of it so it really isn’t too big of a deal.


The Droid Incredible 2’s battery life is pretty similiar to the first device. You will get about a full day of battery out it. When I am out and about, I tend to have my Droid Incredible 2 alive several hours after my Thunderbolt, most likely due to the smaller screen and lack of 4G. The Droid Incredible 2 has a 1400 MHz, which is expected from HTC, but the battery life is much better than the Thunderbolt. As always, the battery life could be better, but there is not much I have to complain about if my device doesn’t die before I plug it back in before bed. As far as standby goes, I used the Incredible for about an hour once a day, texting, surfing the web, watching video, and then I put it down for the rest of the day. While doing this, I got the Incredible 2 to last for 4 days and 28 minutes, which is good on paper, but this will definitely be altered with more usage. Overall, the Droid Incredible 2 has average battery life.


After spending a while with the device, I feel the Droid Incredible 2 is a little behind the curve, but still a very solid device. There is no 4G, no dual-core processors, no 3D*, and nothing that will blow your mind, but it is still a very good phone. The Droid Incredible 2 has a beautiful 4-inch screen and is fast thin and light. I would recommend this phone hands down to anyone on Verizon that isn’t quite ready to jump on the 4G bandwagon. It has a stellar build quality thanks to HTC, and of course is rocking Android to complete the package. Sure it could have 4G, the screen could be bigger, and it could have better battery life, but that doesn’t take away from just how great this device really is, because not every phone needs a 4-inch screen and 4G. The Droid Incredible 2 is a fantastic choice, and is definitely one of my top picks if you’re looking for a fast, reliable device on Verizon Wireless. Check out my video review below, and stay tuned to TheDroidGuy for more news and reviews.

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