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HTC Designs New Android (Not First) Targeted Towards Women

The Android blogsphere is running rampant with reports that the upcoming HTC Bliss is the first Android phone targeted specifically towards women.  We’re not sure exactly what qualifies a phone to be targeted specifically towards women however the Samsung Intercept came in Pink, and when we said that was targeted towards women we got a bunch of complaints.  The upcoming Samsung Replenish also comes in color variations that may appeal towards women as well.

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The HTC device called the “HTC Bliss” should actually be called the HTC “Stereotype” according to a report on the HTC Bliss will feature “calming” wall papers, shopping apps and calorie counters. The report also says the HTC Bliss will come in a green hue and feature a rubberized casing for a better grip.

The HTC Bliss will also have accessories specifically designed for it including a “charm indicator” which will light up if the phone gets a new call or message and has a clip designed to clip to a ladies purse.

Although there’s not much more information available on the HTC Bliss, if it comes to the US via Sprint we know Sprint will pair it with a women’s SprintID with apps, skins, and themes targeted towards women.

Source: Androidandme

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