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Hide Tethering From Your Carrier Via PDANet 3.0

Yesterday, we reported on carriers like Verizon and AT&T who have taken it upon themselves to block tethering applications from the Android Market since they do not like users using their data the way the want to. Their has even been reports of customers receiving “warning” letters and being told they need to change their data plans.  However, there is a small ray of sunshine, at least for now.

The developer of a well known application, PDANet, has updated the application to version 3.0 and the new version gives a new unique feature to users. This new feature definitely comes at a time when it is need the most and what it does is hides tethering from your carrier. At the moment it is unclear exactly how PDANet hides tethering from your carry, but hey if it works it works.

You can download PDANet from the market for free, however you will need to also get the desktop version and if you want pay the $16 to receive a full license key that lets you view secure sites. This small fee is not that bad when you look at some of the tethering and Wi-Fi plans that are available from carriers.

The question that remains is how long till carriers catch on and continue on with their rampage regarding users tethering with out the required plan? Right now their is no answer to that, but at least this gives users a small ray of sunshine in till the next move is made.



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