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Guide To Android: Android Security

Whether you have a desktop, a netbook, laptop, or a smartphone you may have became aware that they are many threats that abound in the technology world we live in these days. These threats range from corrupt software, hackers, viruses, and plenty more. Recently, we reported on the increase in Android malware that has been found in the Android Market and according to a report from Juniper Networks these threats are going to raise. Now the question is how do Android users protect themselves from these threats.

The question to that is actually a lot easier to answer than most and thanks to some of the biggest names in security we have came up with our top five security applications to help protect your Android device.

#5) To start off with our top five is an application from the developers Creative Apps. Their application Antivirus Free has over 20,000 installs and works on any device that is running Android 1.6 and higher. Unlike other security software available this one is completely free and they also provide a “Test Virus” application that users can download onto their device to see how the security application works. Another benefit to this security application is it will detected any of the known viruses, DroidDream and Gemini for example and also comes in at a very small size which is essential for users that may not have much memory on their device.

#4) Many of you have probably heard of AVG Anti-Virus and have probably tried it out on your computer or know someone that has, but did you know that they also have an application in the Android Market to help protect your device? Well, if you didn’t you do now. AVG has quite a few applications on the Android Market under the name of AVG Mobilation. These range from free to around ten dollars to help keep your device safe. Below you can see a list of their applications along with prices.

Anti-Virus Free-This is a free application and provides users with the following capabilities:

  • Scan apps, settings, files, and media in real time
  • Find your lost or stolen phone via Google maps
  • Backup and restore all your valuable apps and data
  • Lock and wipe your device to protect your privacy
  • Kill tasks that slow your phone down
  • Protects apps from viruses, malware and spyware
  • Identifies unsecure device settings and advise how to fix them.
  • Ensures emails, contacts, bookmarks and text messages are securely safe
  • Checks media files for malicious software and security threats
  • Can be run daily, weekly, or on demand

Security Pro-This application will cost you $4.99 and will provide you with the following abilities:

  • Inspects and cleans Android devices from malware, viruses and SMS spam
  • Data security protects against viruses, malware, and OS exploits

Anti-Virus Pro Trial-this is a 30 day free trial of the paid version and includes all the features of the full version.

Anti-Virus Pro-This is the complete full application and will cost you $9.99 for the following features:

  • Scan apps, settings, files, and media in real time
  • Find your lost or stolen phone and locate it on a map
  • Back up and restore all your valuable apps and data
  • Eliminate tasks that slow your phone down
  • Ensures emails, contacts, bookmarks and text messages are safe.
  • Checks media files for vulnerabilities
  • Run daily, weekly, or on demand
  • Lock or Wipe your phone remotely via SMS or our Mobile Control Panel
  • Set a lock screen message to help the locator find you
  • Supported languages:Arabic, Brazilian, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
  • VIP tech support

#3) The third one on my list of applications to protect your Android device is McAfee who also provides a variety of applications to protect your device. These include the following.

McAfee WaveSecure-This application provides you with a 7 day free trial so you can try before you buy. If you decide to purchase this service it will cost you $19.90 per year and you will have to purchase it online through their website. These are the following features that you will recieve with WaveSecure:

  • Lock & Wipe
  • Remotely lock your device from the web or via SMS from another device
  • Display a message on your locked device
  • Wipe your personal data
  • Backup & Restore
  • Back up your data to the cloud (even after device loss or theft)
  • Restore data to a new device
  • Access your data online from anywhere
  • Locate & Track
  • Locate your lost device and plot its locations on a map
  • Sound an alarm to help retrieve your missing device
  • Track the current SIM and calls made to help recover your device

WaveSecure Tablet BETA-This application is directed more to Tablet users and is in beta at the moment. If you decide to give this a shot on your tablet you will be provided the following features:


  • Remotely lock down your device
  • Wipe out important data stored on your device to protect your privacy


  • Back up your data from your phone or remotely on the web
  • Access your data online from anywhere. Restore your data to a new device


  • Locate your lost device and plot the locations on a map
  • Track SIM cards inserted to help get your lost device back


  • Supports users who do not have a SMS plan and use Google Voice!
  • Get your free tablet beta before it ends on May 17, 2011. Every WaveSecure activation comes with a 60-day free subscription!

#2) Number two on our list is Norton who provides my preferred security for my netbook. they also have several applications available and you can find them below.

Norton Mobile Security (Beta)-Currently Norton provides their services for free but they are also in beta at the moment so this could change. This application does require Android 2.x and higher to work. Below is the features that come with Norton Mobile Security.

  • Integrated antivirus for Android automatically scans downloaded apps and app updates for threats.
  • Detects and removes mobile threats that cyber criminals could use to eavesdrop on you, steal your personal information, send spam texts, and take control of your phone
  • Gives you the option of automatically scanning SD (Secure Digital) memory cards for threats when you plug them into your phone with advanced malware protection
  • Lets you remote lock your phone if it’s stolen, so thieves can’t use it and run up your bill
  • Find your phone fast with remote location mapping
  • Instantly locks your phone if its SIM card is removed, so it can’t be used with another SIM card
  • Lets you remote wipe information on your phone if it’s lost or stolen, so cyber criminals can’t use it to steal your identity or hard-earned cash
  • Blocks fraudulent (phishing) websites created by cyber criminals to trick you into revealing personal information they can use to steal your identity and hard-earned money
  • Blocks annoying and unwanted calls and block text messages with simple call blocking features
  • Downloads and installs on your phone with just a few clicks and checks for updates every week for the most up-to-date protection
  • Doesn’t swallow up your phone’s resources or slow down your Web browsing

#1) Number one on our list is Lookout Mobile Security. They provide many great features along with a free trial of their premium features. Below I have listed both the free and premium versions along with their features.

Lookout Mobile Security– Has two different options the free version and premium version which will cost you either $2.99 a month or purchase a year subscription at $29.99. below is the features of both the free version and premium version.

Free Version of Lookout Mobile Security:


  • Block malware, spyware, and phishing apps
  • Scan every app you download to ensure it’s safe
  • Schedule daily or weekly security scans
  • Automatic protection against the latest threats
  • Prevent a virus from transferring from your phone to your PC


  • Phone Locator: Locate your lost or stolen phone on a Google map
  • Activate a loud alarm, even if it is on silent
  • When possible, Lookout will remotely enable GPS to help you find your phone even if GPS is turned off
  • Log in to from any web browser to locate your phone


  • Securely backup your contacts
  • Restore your backup data to an existing phone
  • Access all backed up data securely at
  • Lookout is certified by TRUSTe – your privacy and your data is protected

Lookout Premium:

  • Provides all the features of the free version
  • Complete security and privacy protection for your Android!
  • Remote Lock, a security lock for your phone to lock others out. Set a secret passcode to unlock your phone.
  • Remote Wipe to delete your data from logged-in accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and YouTube. Delete contacts, SMS text messages, photos, call log, web browser history, calendar, sync settings, and full SD card data. With enhanced protection, you can do a full factory reset
  • Privacy Advisor to identify which apps can access your personal data such as contacts, location, SMS text messages & identity information
  • Additional Backup of photos & call history; restore your backup data to a new phone
  • Premium Support for priority response
  • Optional free trial of Premium is available for all users. If your trial ends, you will automatically go back to the free version

Well there you have it, those are the top 5 developers and their applications to help protect yourself and your device. Let us know what your favorite choose is below in the comments.


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