Google Wallet To Add Google Offers Layer

While we are still watching Eric Schmidt’s appearance on All Things Digital’s D9 conference, one of the most notable things to come off the stage this morning wasn’t a honeycomb tablet, but the Google Offers piece of the new Google Wallet.

Of course the Google Wallet concept was criticized by the grandfather of technology writing, Walt Mossberg, but the rest of the stage, and room, seemed equally impressed with the ability to now not just pay for things with the Google wallet but scan an offer on an offer card, billboard or other marketing and then couple it with your purchase in a one time sync via NFC.

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For the example on the stage they used an offer from American Eagle.  The Samsung Nexus S 4G equipped with Google Wallet scanned the offer on a promotional flyer. Then Stephanie Tilenius, Google’s head of commerce, decided to buy a pair of pants from American Eagle.  At check out she selected her credit card stored in Google Wallet and at the same time the phone transmitted payment it also transmitted the offer info in one easy transaction.

Google Offers is Google’s new answer to Groupon that is currently being tested in two beta markets.  Google Offers is the integration of mobile, local, social.  Google will be able to target local businesses that use NFC and be able to have those businesses offer Google Wallet users exclusive offers.

According to Schmidt, Google’s partners for Google Wallet like it because the risk for fraud is far less with Google Wallet than it is for traditional credit card use.

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