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Google Updates Market For More User Friendly Experienced

Recently the Android Market has passed over the 200,000 mark regarding applications that are available. Along with this major mark Google has also received numerous features that will improve the user experience and while the Android Market has never been a terrible place to visit, it has always lacked that beautiful polish that you see on other app stores.

Google has been working hard to improve app payments, adding features such as app usage analytics, and carrier billing support. All these small added features and customizations are sure to bring with it a nicer, better, and more improved Market.

At I/O Google officials said that they have refreshed their top application charts so they can target certain countries, One such application is the Android Steward that has been downloaded on to over 300 devices, been added to top free apps, top paid apps, and is also listed on the Android Market’s home page. Google has also added an “editor’s choice” category to the Market and is to be some of the best applications available. and choosen by Android Market staff themselves.

Google has also changed the way they show off top developers. The top 150 Android App Developers will receive a special icon where their name shows on the Market’s website. This new app sections while help improve user excperince and will also help to grow the amount of installs down.

Another change that Google is making is the application section. Users will now see frequent apps, browsed by people who viewed this app, and applications that are intended to be installed alongside an app.

these tweaks to the Android Market could not have came at a better time. Google Android has reached over 4.5 billion downloads and has also expanded their reach on countries and can be found in over 130 of these countries.



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