Google Music Beta Preview [VIDEO]

Google I/O 2011 has been a huge day for Android users and developers. Numerous things were announced today–from Movie Rentals to a partnership with the major carriers and OEMS to get updates out in time–this day has been crazy. One thing that we have been waiting on for quite some time now, though, is Google Music.

There have been rumors about Google doing a music service for quite some time now, and today those rumors finally grew up and became facts. Google announced during today’s keynote that Google Music would, in fact, be released and today even. However, it is currently an invitation only beta. This brings me back to the many countless days I spent waiting for my Google Wave invitation, but amplified. Luckily, here at TheDroidGuy our invitation came, and I have done a video to preview the service to those still waiting.

More, including video, after the break

Google Music Beta can store up to 20,000 songs free, about 15x the amount of Amazon Cloud Player. The service is available to anyone with Android 2.2+ and an invitation. Along with the new Music Beta service, Google released their updated music app for all Android devices, and that is currently in the Market. You can have up to 8 devices authorized to your Google Music account at one time (3 more than iTunes allows), and you can also de-authorize any device at any time to make room for others.

Google is really starting to take advantage of the cloud, and the world domination is almost complete. Gmail, Calendar, Google Docs, Picasa, and now Music and Movies are all up in the cloud for us to enjoy. We applaud you Google, keep bringing us cloud innovation. You can sign up for the Google Music Beta here. Oh, and did I mention it was free?

As promised, check out our video below for a preview of the service.

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