Google Live: Day Two Keynote PART DEUX

1034am: Chromebooks for education is prices at $20 per user

10:33am: making a desktop box too for Chrome

10:30am- Announced 2 Chromebooks one by Samsung and one by Acer which will be available June 15th

– With 3g and 100 mb free the Samsung is $499
– Acer starts at $349.99

10:23am Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Docs will be available for off-line use this summer

10:23am Addressing the way to use Chromebooks off-line

10:22am Google Chrome now has a file manager and media player and partnerships with and upcoming with drop box.

10:18am Movies, Music and Photos all play in one click on the new Chromebooks

10:17am Google Music Beta and video rentals work on Chromebooks

10:15am New version to have Intel Dual Core

10:14am going over enhancements in new version of Chrome book

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