Google IO Live: Android Fireside Chat

3:15pm took a break from blogging to ask a question about Gift Cards for Market and they failed on the answer

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2:52pm Are there plans to let developers respond to feedback reviews from their users; Google says “Yes” (no timeframe available)

2:51pm Google says they are working with the chipset manufacturers on fragmentation

2:49PM developer asks question about stopping fragmentation for game developers

2:42PM thunderbous applause for question: What about the emulator when can we see a new emulator?

2:38pm here have some photos

2:36pm: Developer just asked about Chrome and Android integration and was told to go to Chrome fireside chat

2:34pm: The developer with the Music Beta question is getting frustrated because there is no answer about cloud based music API’s. He sees that for music app developers closed API’s would mean the end of music apps

2:33pm Question: Are developers going to have access to the new Music Beta?

Answer: There are no open developer API’s at Music Beta at this time

2:33pm: The Android Team is on stage;

2:23pm We’re starting in 7 minutes and right in the front again, because that’s how we roll

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