Google IO Coverage: In The Sandbox With Light Box

This is like a fox in a box on sox in the sandbox with Light Box.

Lightbox is a new photo app for Android that includes just about all the components you’d need in a multi-facceted complete photo experience.

Lightbox includes a feature packed photo app complete with filters. It also has a comprehensive, cloud syncing, gallery app built in.  One of the great features about Light Box is if you resort to using Lightbox full time you don’t have to think about storage and the cloud because your photos automatically go to the cloud.  Not only is your gallery packed full of all your photos but you get your friends photos too with the social media part of the Lightbox gallery tool.

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The camera portion of Lightbox is feature packed as well. The camera portion allows you to take photos and apply all kinds of artistic filters with minor edits. If you shoot a photo with your Light Box app it automatically uploads to your Lightbox gallery where you can share it, store it and work with it later.

Lightbox seems to do a few things very well and that’s all you can ask from an app these days.  There are other 40 million dollar social photo apps but this one actually does something we find extremely useful (or a couple of somethings).  We are currently on their beta test and one of the things I really like is the ability to sync my photos across multiple devices.  This allows me to never loose photos, or go for the wrong device when trying to show something off.

Check out the video and let us know what you think of Lightbox

2 Replies to “Google IO Coverage: In The Sandbox With Light Box”

  1.  Sounds great for storage but the problem is with high megapixel cameras and higher storage that means longer load times for pictures towards your device, and where there’s no internet connection there are no photos.

  2. I think I like the app just because of the name. Huge throwback to working with my grandma on her handmade lightbox. Ha. Rest of the features look really appealing and useful too. Paid or freed though? Probably worth it if I could give it a shot!

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