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Google IO Coverage: Google To Offer Updates To OEM’s For 18 Months For Supported Hardware

San Francisco, CA- This morning at the Google IO Developer’s conference in San Francico Google’s Android lead Hugo Barra spoke about a new partnership between several OEM’s and major carriers that’s going to streamline the Android upgrading process.  Imagine all the carriers and OEM’s coming together and getting upgrades across the board similar to our frenemies with Apple iPhones.

Verizon Wireless, HTC, Samsung, Sprint, Sonny Ericsson, LG, T-Mobile,Vodafone, Motorola and AT&T have all partnered with Google.  This new partnership between Google’s Android team and the OEM’s and carriers should mean that most people will see at least one full version upgrade before the end of life of their phone. Also with the carrier upgrade system the way it is across most of the US carriers, you’ll be eligible for a hardware upgrade before the window runs out.

Mark J of Dallas Texas, a Google attendee, and a Samsung user was delighted that this new partnership could mean the end of waiting around a lot longer for Samsung to upgrade to a new Android version.  He said “I had a Samsung Vibrant and am looking forward to the Samsung Galaxy S II but I wasn’t too sure because of Samsung’s track record with Froyo…”. Mark was speaking of the fact that Samsung still has yet to upgrade all of their original Galaxy S devices to Froyo, much less Android 2.3 “Gingerbread”

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