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Google IO 2011 Coverage: EMILY meets Andy VIDEO! #googleio #io2011

One of the most exciting things for us at Google IO is seeing the ways Android is being applied far past the world of phones and tablets. It all started Tuesday morning during the first Keynote address when the Android team announced an accessory developer kit. The highlight of that part of the presentation was an exercise bike integrated with Android that not only allowed you to keep track of your work out, but also allowed you to control games with your speed.  Other accessory uses of Android included a gigantic life size labrynth that was on display in one of the lobbies at the Moscone.

We’ve all heard a lot about the armed forces utilizing Android devices to navigate, communicate, and much more out in the field. With the help of some funding from the US Navy, Hyrdonalix corporation in Tuscon Arizona has integrated Android into a life saving device.

More including a video interview with founder Tony Mulligan, after the break

EMILY, which stands for Emergency Integrated Life Saving Lanyard, and is also named after a friend of founder Tony Mulligan’s daughter, is a robotic life saving buoy controlled by Android.  You can view an onboard camera, read sonar, and control the direction of EMILY via an Android phone or Android tablet.

EMILY is just 54 inches long, 16 inches wide and 8 inches tall. EMILY can travel through the water at up to 40mph and weighs in at just 25 pounds.  EMILY has been used to find animals in the water, lost watercraft and more.  Mulligan also said it has military uses including thwarting terrorism and can be used during a hurricane.

EMILY’s normal intended use is to aid lifeguards in rescuing swimmers who may have ventured out to far or were carried by the riptide.  It has a similar engine design to a jetski and is controlled remotely by lifeguards.  The lifeguards can also communicate with the victim via a camera and speaker mounted on the device.

We walked away from the keynote thinking that Android’s At Home Framework was the coolest non traditional use of the Android Operating System. The At Home Framework allows the control of lights, environment and media via Android. After learning about EMILY she takes the cake.

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