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Google I/O 2011 App Preview [VIDEO]

Google I/O 2011 is almost here, and once again Google has hooked us up with an app that gives us just about everything we need before, during, and after the conference. Google I/O 2011 is available in the Market for download as we speak for the low price of free (it’s Google, of course it’s free).

Whether you’re attending the conference or not, if you want coverage of the event it is a good idea to pick the app up. You can do things like look at the schedule, check out the map, and preview all of the different sessions.

The calendar shows all of the different events and their times, but the Realtime Stream feature is where it’s at for those of us who aren’t attending. Bulletin isn’t active yet because the show hasn’t started yet, but it’s a place to check out once everything is up and running for the show to start.

The official Google I/O app includes an overview of every session sorted by what part of Google’s Development the session pertains to. For instance you can sort sessions by Android, Google Apps, Tech Talk and more.

Once you’ve selected the sessions you want to attend you can favorite them to go back to your customized list. You can also do this with the various exhibitors in the sandbox. Each session and sandbox note includes a description of the session or exhibitor along with the session leaders bio. Google has also integrated’s notes app so you can tag notes to the various sessions and speakers. This is the same catch notes integration that provided for TED 2011 and that they are implementing for the app that will be released early this summer. Catch notes integration works great for conventions because it ties the notes directly to the session.

Check below for a video preview of the app, and be sure to follow @thedroidguy on Twitter and check back to for all of the latest I/O coverage.

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