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Google Earth Updated For Android Tablets

The Google Earth team has announced that they’ve updated Google Earth for Android Tablet support. According to an official Google blog post they’ve made some major enhancements so you can “cart around 197 million miles of earth with you”. Just how much has changed?

First off they’ve added support for fully textured 3d buildings which according to their blog post means your tour through the streets of Manhattan¬† will look more realistic than ever.

They’ve also added a new task bar at the top of Google Earth for Android tablets which allows you to search, “fly to your location”, access places, panoramic photos, wikipedia and 3-d buildings. They compared moving from Google Earth for Android phones to Google Earth for Android tablets, like comparing a movie to IMAX.

The new tablet version is optimized for Honeycomb and can be found in the Android Market.

Source: Google Blog

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