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Foursquare To Power INQ’S Mobile Location Services

One of the first partners to add the Facebook social layer to its Cloud Touch phone was INQ. It was announced through Foursquare CEO, Dennis Crowley, that INQ will also be using the Foursquare location layer to help users visualize location.

The Foursquare phone from INQ will have all the features as the current Foursquare, these include features such as checkins, nearby places, tips, and even to do. All these will be powered by the Foursquare API.

“It feels pretty amazing to see what INQ has done with its API. Because it’s built directly into the Android system, you can check in and explore without even firing up the application,” a Foursquare representative said.

“These guys are trying to make the best phone possible,” said Crowley, “Foursquare integration is a logical step.”

“We want the average consumer to really start to discover and explore location based Foursquare content,” say INQ CEO Frank Meehan. In addition to Facebook and Foursquare, Spotify is already integrated into the phone but only for European and Asian users. INQ and CloudTouch is still finalizing the deal with the US carriers now.

In a month in a half , the Foursquare integration will be available for European and Asian users, however, Meehan has not give a definete date for the United States Cloud Touch launch as of yet. Hopefully, soon we will hear more regarding a US launch, at the moment Foursquare currently has over 9 million people using the iOS, RIM, and Android platforms.


Tech Crunch and Cameron Wright

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