Follow UP: Droid Charge Update

The Droid Charge already received it’s first update as TheDroidGuy mentioned here.  It turns out that it’s a very small update, only 5.2 MB.  No real noticeable changes are occurring.  Samsung’s Media Hub Software.

  • A software change was made to the Media Hub application to prevent downloading content over the 3G network. This application will only work in the 4G network or when using Wi-Fi to ensure quality and speed.
  • A pop up message was added to the Media Hub application to inform customers of the size of the download when in a 4G coverage area before downloading.

Have any of you purchased this phone?  Do you plan to?  Please share your experiences below.

I’ve included the image from the Verizon Support page.

2 Replies to “Follow UP: Droid Charge Update”

  1. I purchased it 3days ago. I must say its a great phone but the stock II is pretty laggy. I also noticed that the phone has troubles sending mms and sms sometimes. I love this phone but I wish Samsung would release an update for those minor issues. Also. Atone who has this phone, use launcher pro, it gets rid of the lag and use dolphin browser for true pinch and zoom

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