TechCrunch Disrupt Live: Fireside Chat with Dennis Crowley, Foursquare

Foursquare announcement:

INQ Cloud Touch “Facebook phone” available in the UK.  Default INQ view for location data will show Foursquare by default.  Dennis Crowley, “Seeing this as a great way to introduce people to foursquare.”

This is not available yet.  As it is updated some point during the summer it will have foursquare added to stock.

Check out the chat extract after the break

Chat between Michael Arrington and Dennis Crowley:

Foursquare has now had roughtly 600,000 total Check-ins, almost 10 million users, 3 million Check-ins daily.  50% of users and usage outside of US.  “Europe has some large pockets, Brazil, Southeast Asia,” says Dennis.  What are you going to do with data: 60 people are now working at foursquare.  600 Million check-ins equals a lot of data.

Arrington:  There are rumors of a Groupon deal with Foursquare.  “We talk to a lot of people,” Dennis Crowley.  Arrington keeps pressing about a Groupon deal.  No definitive statement coming.

Question:  Is there any revenue stream currently?  Is there a revenue model?  Foursquare revenue model very will be that it is a very efficient way for finding customers, maintaining the customers, this is what is bringing them in.  Revenue is “outside of the where we expect to make the majority of our revenue,” Crowley.

Question:  What is the future of Foursquare, what direction are you headed in?  Questioner, I was introduced to Foursquare with the description of it being a social game.

DC: “I never really thought of it as a game.  I always thought of it as a social utility.  Using game mechanics to keep it interesting.  All the stuff wwe can do to help people explore the world around them.  You’ve got this device in your pocket.  What is the best activity for the user, who is around me, what might I like.”

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