[Exclusive] Contract Killer Headed To Android Soon

The Popular iPhone game Contract Killer is making its long awaited debut on Android very soon and Thedroidguy has the exclusive. Below you’ll see a group of exclusive photo’s of the game in action. Glu Mobile is at it again with another hit on their hands this time bringing the ever so popular Contract Killer to the Android platform. You are an “employee” for IPF or better known as a “Contract Killer”. You have missions and people to take out ala Grand Theft Auto but catch is, its playing on your Android device while the other isn’t. Of of now not to much is known about game as its still in testing however what I can tell/show you is this game play if fluid, beautiful and ever so addicting. Mission by mission you are to hunt down the enemy with different weapons at your disposal and do it all without being detected.

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Game Play:

The contracts are very simple, 1 click to get into scope 1 click to get out. Currently you swipe on screen to change your sight, I don’t know if later on you’ll be able to just move phone/tablet around.  The graphics are nice, not just built for dual core devices so it makes it so while the higher end phones/tablets could see better graphics, this makes it so everyone with 2.1(I believe don’t mark this as correct yet) could play this. I’ve played this on a MyTouch4g as well besides my own Xoom and had no issues. But the larger screen of the Xoom made this beautiful. HDMI to TV anyone?


While not graphic intense like we’ve seen from some Tegra 2 games this mixes both to make it possible so other Android phones could also enjoy playing it. I didn’t notice any glitching of the people walking or the cars driving by. Which is to say that while I’ve been playing this on a Xoom lessers phones may have an issue but didn’t notice anything wrong while playing on the MyTouch. The buildings, and surrounding game play was something I found to be visually stunning.


One sentence says it all… I can’t stop playing this game! The game play, the graphics, the addicting feel of the game makes this something you can’t put down. Originally all I was playing was the History Channels Great Medieval Battles however, once Glu Mobile sent me this game it ended it all. Right now I can say they not only have a hit on their hands but also possible game of the year. I believe the game will be free with extra buy in’s. So you’ll be able to play it at no cost however once it finally is released or once we are told then we’ll be able to update this.

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