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Droid 3 Shows Up In Big Red’s System

The Droid 3 has shown up once again and this time in Verizon’s system. While this is supposed to be the next generation Droid device for the carrier it does seem it is lacking a bit in the OS.

According to the above picture it seems that the Droid 3 will only be running on Android’s Froyo OS, and we are still pondering why they would be doing this since it almost makes the device obsolete right out the box, especially since the Droid X started receiving Gingerbread just last week. Hopefully, this is just a mistake, but only time will tell.

Along with the news of the OS we also have more information regarding the processor. Last week we had been speculating on what kind of dual core would be inside this Droid, and at the moment it is being rumored that it may be running on TI’s new OMAP 4430 dual-core processor. However, until more concrete information is available we are going to keep that as rumor.

Overall, there is not much new regarding the Droid 3, we are still waiting on news regarding the release date which is rumored for June but once again we are just going to have to sit back and see how this play’s out. As soon as we know more we will be sure to pass it along.

What are your thoughts on this upcoming third generation Droid? Let us know we would love to hear them.


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