DoubleTwist Brings A One Of A Kind Feature To Android

Many Android users are familiar or have heard of DoubleTwist, their version of iTunes for Android. In case you have not DoubleTwist gives users the ability to sync music and other media files via a Wi-Fi. Now DoubleTwist brings more features to their Android application. This week an update has been released that will allow Android device users the ability to stream their music to an Apple TV, along with computers that use Windows Media Player 12. Sounds pretty damn nice, doesn’t it?This newest feature will give quite a bit of added ability to an already decent application for Android users. The new version of DoubleTwist was shown off at the San Fransisco headquarters last week by now other than CEO Jon Lech Johansen. At first, Mr. Johansen started playing a video via the DoubleTwist application on his device, then he pressed the “Twist To” button and using a wireless connection streamed the video on to an Apple TV.

Users of iPhones and iPads already have a similar option, however, DoubleTwist is the first application brought to Android that gives users these options using an Apple TV.

While the basic version of DoubleTwist is free, there is a small fee for the “Twist To” feature. The cost to be able to sync to an Apple TV, if you have one, will cost you roughly $5. The upgrade, however, does bring with it some additional features such as letting users copy a sing video or song to another Android device. In other words any user that is viewing a video or song on their device using the upgraded version or DoubleTwist will be able to tap their phone against another Android device and transfer it to that device.The only catch to this feature is that each user has to have a device enabled with Near Field Communication, NFC.

If you would like to be able to get the upgraded version of DoubleTwist it is readily available now. Enjoy!


The Wall Street Journal