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Dog Wars: It’s Baaaccckkk

Hold onto your seats ladies and gentlemen because the devil is back and it is now called KG Dog Fighting.  It seems we missed reporting the story that Dog Wars was pulled from the Android Market over the weekend. However we were early on the original story of how a reformed Michael Vick and a bubbly Alicia Silverstone were on a crusade to get a dog fighting game banned from the Android Market.

Michael Vick became the spokesperson for the Humane Society on the issue, while Silverstone sent a letter to Google CEO Larry Pope <sic> on behalf of Peta.

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This controversial game has the user raise and than fight mean dogs against each other in an all out war type scenario. It really is enough to make any animal lover a little upset. However my personal thoughts on the issue are here and they echo some of the thoughts in the comments on the LA Times source page.  It’s just a game people.

Google says that it removed the original Dog Wars game over copyright infringement issues with the name Dog Wars.  The developer Kage Games, changed the name (because that was the violation) and has re-uploaded it to the market. If this kind of thing turns you off then just don’t download it and you’ll be fine. We promise it won’t just appear on your phone.

Kage Games also caught the attention of the head of the 9,900 member Los Angeles Police Union.  The Union President Paul Weber urged Google CEO, Larry Page (he got the name right unlike PETA and Silverstone) to pull the game and permanently ban it from the market. However with 192 homicides year to date in Los Angeles, he should also be urging Page to take down first person shooter games.

Of course like any Police Department, skilled and trained dogs are a big part of their law enforcement practices and as such they have a right to their opinion as well.

Source: LA Times

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