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Disrupt NYC 2011 Coverage: Quixey

We’re bringing you continuous team coverage of TechCrunch Disrupt NYC 2011. Earlier today we saw an amazing app discovery engine called Quixey.

Quixey is great because it searches just about every platforms apps known to man and commercially available. But sure that sounds easy enough right? Well Quixey has put a whole new spin on searching for apps.  Now instead of using keyword algorithms or recommendations from someone who doesn’t know you, it actually searches by what you need the app to do.

More including video after the break

This method of discovery insures that you get something that will solve your need. Quixey has come along at a time when many are actually growing frustrated with the lack of an accurate simple Android Market search.  Quixey picks up where other app engines just haven’t been able to.

Still not quite sure what we mean? Well watch the video. In the video we ask Quixey to find us apps that help identify music.  Take Shazam, it’s one of the most popular music identifier app out there but you’d never know it based on their name.  Telling Quixey to search for “identify music” the search engine searches and finds many popular apps that help identify music and of course Shazam is one of them.


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