Disrupt Live: Michael Arrington Fireside With Google’s Marissa Mayer

3:43pm: Arrington is harping on Mayer to reveal what percentage of Google searches are mobile. Arrington asked Mayer would you rather me tweet out your cell phone number or give me the Google Mobile Search numbers

3:42pm Arrington asked Mayer about personal investments and angel funding

3:40pm Mayer says that the crossover between desktop and mobile will happen in June

3:38PM Google Maps is seeing 40% of it’s traffic on mobile.  On the weekends there are more mobile maps traffic than desktop

3:37pm: Mayer announces that they’ve passed the 200 millionth install for Google Maps for Mobile

3:36pm: Arrington asked Mayer about all the brands that fall under her and which ones are the ones to pay attention to ie: latitude, maps, local, etc.


3:34pm Arrington and Mayer are talking places vs yelp

3:32pm: talking about places. Arrington asked Mayer if she liked his April Fool’s joke where he joked that Google’s spam team had taken places out of the search engine

3:30pm: Arrington started the chat by asking what it’s like with Larry Page at the helm. Mayer said it’s good because Page is very user focused like Google

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