Disrupt Live: Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher and Paul Graham were interviewed by Charlie Rose this morning at Tech Crunch Disrupt NYC 2011. Graham gave some great insight into what it takes to win over the Y-Combinator team in your ten minutes.

Although “Two and a half men” was off limits, Kutcher gave a very interesting interview that highlighted his career not as an actor but as a tech savvy investor.  He talked with the the excitement of a boy playing his first little league game or making his first rocket, about what it takes to get his companies money.  Kutcher and two partners have a funding company they are calling A-Grade that is looking for companies that will help to stop the noise. Read our live blog after the break and also check out our gallery below the liveblog

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10:17AM: Charlie and Ashton ran out of time. Great interview I had no idea Kutcher was so tech savvy

10:15AM: Kutcher talks about “No Strings Attached” and how the week it was released he found 15-20 links to the movie that were “just there” not even a bit torrent. So he sent the links to the studio and they didn’t do anything about it.

10:14AM: Kutcher feels the movie business is being cannibalized the way the music business was. Kutcher says the biggest problem is they all don’t get along. More needs to be done collectively to stop piracy

10:12AM: Kutcher says that investing in tech is like making a movie, you go out find investors and then you don’t know exactly what’s going to happen but you do have some idea from experience

10:10AM: Kutcher has revealed he tweets everything himself, typically 5-10 tweets per day


10:08AM: A+ is a desktop client that allows you to very quickly move through your social streams.

Charlie Rose asks Kutcher: What’s your potential

Kutcher: how quickly you can surf through something and move to the next thing. “The real potential is building a platform to eliminate some of the noise”

10:07am: Charlie Rose asks Kutcher what is “A+”

10:06AM: Another thing Kutcher looks for: Are you solving a signal to noise issue.  Will people trust this product

10:05AM: When talking to prospects Ashton does not like to hear about market cap.  Sure there is a big market cap but there are also “5 million start ups and then the cap is smaller”


10:03AM: Ashton Kutcher has a fund called “A Grade” that funds tech ventures. Rose asked him what they are looking for.

Kutcher: problem solvers, do you solve a problem for a large subset of people. Then he looks at the founders and who they are.

10:02AM: Social media promotes transparency for companies, countries brands.

10:01AM: Ashton Kutcher on twitter: It’s a great outlet for mass syndication. Twitter has an addictive element to it in retweets.

Charlie Rose: It’s going to transform advertising (twitter)

Ashton: It already is.
Ashton: you have to be transparent and if you aren’t you’ll fail.


10:00AM: Ashton Kutcher feels he helps bring things that aren’t mainstream into the mainstream. Attributed Twitter, Skype etc

9:55AM: Ashton Kutcher is on stage talking about how he got involved with tech and how he has loved technology since he was a college student in IOWA. Charlie Rose is now asking him about SKYPE (Kutcher was an investor)

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