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Danger Sidekick Team Reunited At Google In Android Hardware Department

Danger Founders: Andy Rubin, Joe Britt and Matt Hershenson Back Together Again At Google photo:

By now everyone knows that Andy Rubin founded Danger, the company that brought the world the very popular T-Mobile Sidekick, or “hiptop” as it was known at launch.  Andy Rubin had started Danger and actually moved the offices to office space once used by Google in Paolo Alto.  In 2005 after Larry Page saw the sidekick first hand and then met with Andy Rubin about search on his Android platform, bought the company and brought it under Google’s wings.

The other co-founders of Danger, Joe Britt and Matt Hersherson have now joined Andy Rubin at Google in a new department under Android called Android Hardware.

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Danger Co-Founders Matt Hershenson (L) and Joe Britt (R) Doing Presentations at Google I/O photo: TDG LLC

Many people noticed that Britt and Hersherson were onstage at I/O presenting some of the cooler stuff. Britt did the presentation on Android at Home while Hersherson did the presentation on the Android ADK hooked up to an exercise bike.  They told Fortune Magazine’s Seth Weintraub that they spend their days working on building things that will turn into reference designs for Android peripherals.  They get to spend their time in labs with soldering irons making the magic happen.

All of the new Android technology introduced at Google I/O means that Android can power everything from your phone to your tv, to your lights, your exercise bike and more. Now with the Danger dream team back together at Google, expect amazing things to happen.

Weintraub adds that despite creating the sidekick both Britt and Hersherson use Google Nexus S devices.

Source: Fortune

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