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Control You Light Bulbs Using Android or iOS

I have been saying for awhile now that I cannot wait till the day that I can control the lights in my apartment using my Android device. I cam do almost anything else but that has been out of my grasp and many other till now of course.

NXP Semiconductors have made my dream and hopefully others dreams come true with the development  a chipsets for CFL and LED light bulbs. This new development will make it possible to control the lights in your house via your Android device of iOS device. The GreenChip iCFL chipset for CFLs and GreenChip iSSL chipset for LEDs have been taken on by lighting manufacturer TCP. Now users can dim, turn on, and turn off their lights via a wireless etwork or portable device.

Both of these chips operate at the IEEE 802.15.4 standard and are used to support home smart appliances, meters, and security systems. However, the bulb chipset has a 2.4GHz wireless controller and uses the JenNet-IP platform by using a 6LoWPAN mesh-under tree network instead of  the usual ZigBee. This allows for a small standby power at 10 milliwatts and also easily lets the bulbs communicate with Android and iOS devices.

At the moment the bulbs are only for industry use but TCP is also working on bringing these bulbs to consumers via CFL and LED.

At the moment  GreenWave Reality is also working on the ability to use the Green-Chip bulbs to build compatible systems for PCs, smartphones, and even televisions. The home lighting system includes the option to either self-regulate based on outside lighting conditions or through sensors that will turn the lights on or off when someone enters a room.

Google also has an Android compatible bulb in the works. Earlier this month it was announced that Google would be providing an LED light bulb with the help of Lighting Sciences Group that will be able to talk with smartphones using the same mesh network.

Personally, I cannot wait to be able to put these babies to the test. I have been waiting for this for quite awhile and am excited. I would like to hear what you guys think about the ability to control your lights through you device. Let us know in the comments below.



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