Contest: Hunting Down A Contract Killer With Glu Mobile

There’s a Contract Killer on the loose. Contract Killer has been one of the hottest iOS games the last month or so and it’s coming to Android very very soon. We gave you this exclusive leak earlier today.

Now Glu Mobile has let the Contract Killer loose. He was in New Jersey and then Atlanta earlier today and who know’s where we can find him, but he has a bounty, he’s carrying a brand new, not even released in the United States, Android device equipped with Contract Killer for Android and more.  The device is yours if you track down the Contract Killer and ask him “Are You The Glu Mobile Contract Killer”

The Contract Killer was in New Jersey this morning, evidently his home:

A little while later he went to meet with the bosses

And then he showed up in Atlanta, Georgia

Like any good Contract Killer he leaves in the shadows and he could be anywhere in the United States. You need to follow him on twitter @_contractkiller and you can follow his steps on Gowalla by clicking here. Sometime this week, before Contract Killer officially comes to Android someone will find the Contract Killer by the clues on Twitter and Gowalla.  Remember when you find the Contract Killer in person you must ask him (or her)  “Are You The Glu Mobile Contract Killer”.

Hints will be given throughout the day on Twitter. Good Luck