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Big Red Readying The Droid Charge For Tomorrow, Select Stores Already Selling

As I am sure you have already heard by now Verizon is finally launching their upcoming Samsung Droid Charge starting at midnight tonight. Verizon subscribers will be able to pick up the phone online or in stores for $300 and a two year contract with talk and data.

The Droid Charge was actually supposed to be launched a little while back but Verizon decided to hold off on the launch due to some issues they were having with their 4G LTE network at the time. Since then there have been other rumors regarding the launch of the Droid Charge, but they were not confirmed by Verizon. This time, however, is different Verizon and Samsung have already released their press release and ready to start selling the Droid Charges in just a few hours.

Now for those of you that want to get your hands on this wonderful 4G LTE capable device before midnight you may be in luck. Some stores have already started selling the device ahead of schedule. One such store is based in Oakland, California where the above image was acquired.

So you may want to start checking out your local stores and if there is one that is already selling the device ahead of schedule let us know in the comments below!!!

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