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AT&T Road Map Shows Upcoming Devices

These are a quite a few handsets that are scheduled to hit AT&T during the next several months. While it might not be big news it is still something to look forward to from the carrier.

According to the road map we will be seeing the upcoming Blackberry Uwan 9810, along with the HTC Iele, which is also know as the HTC Torch 2. The Torch 2 will run on Android’s 2.3 and will also feature a 5mp camera.  Aside both those devices is the anticipated HTC ChaCha and the unheard of Samsung Habrok SGH-i857.

Both the Torch 2 and the ChaCha were already known to hit AT&T and we should be seeing them next month at some point. The Habrok, on the other hand, seems to be an entry level device with a 3mp camera, low resolution, and running on Android 2.2. More than likely we will not be seeing this device until quarter three which means it will be way past outdated especially with the upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich.

Also on this road map is the Huawei Dola U8800, also know as the WVGA Ideos X5. This device will feature an 800MHz Scorpion processor and run on Android 2.2. Another device we saw pass the FCC late last year, the Pantech Bannik P8000, and the ZTE Alicanto Z990 will also be making a debut. The Pantech Bannik P800 will feature a 3mp camera nad Android 2.2. While the ZTE Alicanto Z900 will have a 5mp camera and run on Android 2.3.

Lastly, we have the HTC Hydra A5253, which is the HTC Paradise that we heard about quite awhile ago. We also saw a leaked version of this ROM and while it is far past its anticipated launch date we would be highly surprised to see it even show up among these other devices.

Well, there you have it folks. Any of these upcoming devices perk your intrest? Let us know below in the comments.


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