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AT&T Executives Defend The T-Mobile Deal

Last week, we saw Sprint Nextel Corp. beat down the AT&T/T-Mobile deal, stating each and every reason why this merge in no good and will not do competition or consumers any good. However, this week AT&T executives are taking to their stance on the AT&T deal with T-mobile on the road.

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson has been emphasizing the benefits behind this deal whenever he can. His most recent one was at his keynote speech at the TIA 2011 Conference yesterday in Dallas, Texas. During Stephenson’s keynote he pointed out that the company needs to combine with T-Mobile’s spectrum so their presence can be expanded. Accordingly, he pointed out that AT&T’s mobile data traffic is expected to grow eight to ten times the amount it is now by 2015 and also that the amount of traffic that they will be handling a month and half will equal that of the entire year of 2010.

Sprint along with several other small carriers and many public interest groups have banned together to fight the deal between the two largest GSM carriers. MetroPCS CFO Braxton Carter had said earlier this week at an investor conference that the company is worried about the spectrum position AT&T will attain if regulators at the FCC and DOJ approve the deal.

However, over in Silicon Valley AT&T executives are working hard to generate as much support as the can muster. According to the WSJ, CTO Donovan and Cicconi, AT&T Senior Executive VP  of Legislative and External Affairs, met Tuesday with ten other large companies for two hours along with having lunch with venture capitalists.

It was also reported that technology companies are concerned about the impact the deal might have on spectrum availability, innovation and the openness of wireless networks. AT&T executives argue that the deal will help AT&T strengthen its network along with supporting  more bandwidth hungry applications, and also that AT&T is committed to innovation.

“Most people were there in a be-friendly mode,” one source told the WSJ. “No one was grilling them. Nobody was being confrontational.”


WSJ via Fierce Wireless

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