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Article Number In The Bro Code: “Don’t Send Me A Cease & Desist On Facebook”

Wow. That’s all I can say is WOW! Apparently co-founder, creator of, co-chair of the Android Barbecue, amongst the other 500 hates he wears, Jake Southers, has written a pretty cool app called, well Bro Code. The app is straight forward, it serves up quotes from everyone’s favorite Bro Code from “How I Met Your Mother” along with some other quotes Jake and his buddies have come up with.

All of the quotes and rules from the Bro Code are in great Barney Stinson fashion, and for what it’s worth in good taste.  Actually, Southers did a great job in converting a TV Icon into an Android must have app. So why the hoopla?

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It seems that another developer, James Fisher, has come up with a similar app that does similar things and got it into the market quicker than Southers did.  Oh well. Fisher has decided to issue Southers a Cease & Desist via Facebook. It actually looks like Fisher just wanted Souther’s friends on Facbeook to know he came out with the app first but really, a C&D via Facebook.

We confirmed with our lawyer that this was not a proper way to notify Mr. Southers of any wrongdoing.  Southers should have been contacted by both email, and snail mail with a return receipt guarantee so that the attorney’s representing Mr. Fisher had proof Mr. Southers had accepted this C&D.  However, it’s not even Mr. Fisher’s property to begin with. The intellectual property actually belongs to 20th Century Fox along with Bays Thomas Productions.

In the past few years more and more TV, Movie and other production studios have grown very lax in terms of protecting their intellectual property in things like mobile apps.  Ring tone libraries, sound boards and quote apps, such as Southers’ actually add to the value of the hit tv shows. It’s unlikely that 20th Century Fox nor Bays Thomas is going to go after either of these app developers.

Now the verdict, not just because Southers is such an active member of the Android Community, but his app is just better, so quit reading this story of some bull shit C&D on Facebook and go download the app here

Source: via Donthatethegeek

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