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Photos are a huge part of our everyday lives. We take them to remember just about anything. Whether it’s professional photography, taking pictures on a vacation, or just messing around with your friends we take pictures all the time. Now, we have smartphones because they are mobile and they can do things like upload pictures to Facebook, Twitter, etc. while we are on the go. But what if the picture you took isn’t as good as you thought it was originally, or maybe it’s too dark? You may not be able to get to a Mac or PC in time to edit these photos, and you sure as heck don’t want to put it on Facebook if it’s not up to all of your snobby friend’s social status. So what to do? You can edit the picture a little on your phone, but sometimes a little extra umph is needed. This is where Adobe Photoshop Express comes into play.
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Adobe Photoshop Express is an app from Adobe that gives you fully featured editing software on your Android phone, for free. You can do just about anything that you would like on this app, and while it may look a little overwhelming at first, it’s pretty easy to get the hang of things. Sure, not everybody is a photo editing master (including myself), so you’re probably not going to use every feature this app offers, and there are plenty. When you open the app up, it will load all of the photos on your device and show you them in a gallery format. You can then choose a photo for editing or uploading to, Facebook, or TwitPic. You can add these perspective accounts either from the settings menu, or when you choose the upload option.

After you finish adding all of your accounts, it’s time to get to the photo editing. You choose a photo, and are then put into a screen where you can scroll between the photos that you have on your device. Upon hitting the menu button, you can upload, delete, edit the photo, set it as your wallpaper, or start a slideshow. All of these things are pretty self-explanatory, so let us dive right in to the editing side of the app. When you start editing a photo, you have four options up top that all expand into more options.

All the way to the left there is the drop-down window that allows you to crop, straighten, rotate, or flip your photo. These are all pretty self-explanatory so I won’t take the time to go into an in-depth explanation. One option over to the left, you have the options to edit the color and brightness parts of a photo. This is the most detailed portion of the editing process. The first option is exposure, which allows you to edit how much light the photo is exposed to. Next you have saturation, which allows you to edit how much the photo is saturated with colors. If we keep going down the list you come to tint. Tint allows you to tint the photo to just about any color in the rainbow, in several different shades. The next option is black and white which just turns your photo black and white. Next you can edit the contrast of a photo, and lastly we come to brightness, which allows you to set the brightness. To the right of that drop-down menu, there is the option for you to edit the softness of a photo.

In the next drop-down menu we have the option that most of my less-serious-photo-editing readers will flock to. Effects and Borders. This option is sort of the fun side of things, and really drifts away from real photo editing. It allows you to do little things like make the photo split into four parts each different colors, or make a photo rainbow. You can also add borders to round the edges and things like that. Most of this is just fun stuff to make a photo look personalized and cool.

Adobe Photoshop Express is an awesome app, and I use it all the time when I can’t get to my Mac to edit photos before I post them to Facebook. Once you play around with it for a while, it is pretty easy to understand and most users will find themselves flying around the app in no-time. Overall this app is pretty awesome, and Adobe updates it to fix the bugs whenever they pop up. Not to mention that it is free, I would recommend this app looking to edit photos on the go.

about the writer: Elijah Ketchum is a 16 year old sophomore in High School in Cincinnati OH. His Android experience started with the Motorola Droid and his since upgraded to the HTC Thunderbolt. He enjoys everything about Android and convincing his iPhone fan boy classmates to switch. He recently convinced his father, a long term Blackberry user to switch to a Motorola Droid X. Like Elijah’s writing? Have questions? email and follow him on Twitter @ElijahIsMe & @thedroidboy

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