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Angry Birds Flying Away From Android

When Peter Vesterbacka the CMO for Rovio Mobile was onstage at Google IO earlier this month he seemed ecstatic to be presenting Angry Birds for the ChromeOS store, and he should be.  Angry Birds is now available on the web and I’m sure millions have already flocked to install it.

On the mobile side though Angry Birds seems to be dwindling. Angry Birds and Angry Birds Rio still top the charts on Apple’s IOS platform however as far as paid apps and free apps go on Android Angry Birds has dropped off both of those lists. It’s also absent from third party app store, GetJar’s list of both paid and free apps available.

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While Rovio Mobile continues to pump out updates and extra levels for the Angry Birds franchise they haven’t seemed to be able to produce a follow up hit, or actually anything at all since Angry Birds took off.  Rovio Mobile has been developing games for quite sometime, starting with Nokia feature phones.  Angry Birds was their 52nd title.

Rovio introduced the “Mighty Eagle” feature on the iOS versions of Angry Birds.  Mighty Eagle allows players to “cheat” by paying via in-app payments, for the Mighty Eagle to come in and kill all the pigs on a board and advance the player to the next level.  Rovio has yet to introduce Mighty Eagle to Android.  There are a lot of holidays still left in 2011 so perhaps we will see it in Angry Birds Flag Day, Angry Birds Fourth of July, Angry Birds Rosh Hashanah, Angry Birds Yom Kippur, Angry Birds Grandparents Day, Angry Birds Veterans Day, Angry Birds Thanksgiving, Angry Birds Chanukah or Angry Birds Kwanza.

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